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These are just a few of the students of the Dean Music Institute/DOTOMOTO Studies. The students below are were some of the talented group of individuals that participated in our Spring 2016 Recital. We just wanted to showcase all of their hard work and passionate efforts. we hope you enjoy their awesome performances.

Dean Music Institute/DOTOMOTO Spring Recital 2016 All-Stars      

Tanea C. Womack

Claire Vu

Johnathan White

Sanal Kumar

Bryce Ward

Ethan Wolkin

Addison Radbill

Love Thompson

Ashley Requeno

Orwin Requeno Jr

Anna Birukova

Kesha Bonner

Leilani Bridges

Rachel Rose Alves Sousa

Dhriti Jengiti

Sarah Lawson

Hannah Gregoire

J.D. Mcgee

James Balyo

Emarri McClenton

Meshelle Boardman

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